Firewood Logs


Our firewood is seasoned and sold by volume instead of weight, as this system is more accurate. Loose volume of firewood can be measured easily and allows consistent loads for the customer. We can supply either softwood logs or hardwood logs depending on your preference.

Full Loads

hardwood logs
We can deliver seasoned firewood in bulk loads which can be tipped up in your driveway. The most common size is the pick-up load which measures approximately 2.5 cubic metres. These loads are equal to approximately 100 of the small plastic bags that can be found at most garages. Buying this way reduces the price you pay by 50-60%!!


Half Loads / Split Loads

softwood logs
We can also deliver half loads / split loads so you and a neighbour can take half a load each. This way, you can still make a saving even if you don’t have a lot of space!



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