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logs firewoodWhether you use an open fireplace, a multi-fuel stove or a log boiler, we aim to supply consistent quality and reliable service, so you can plan your fuel needs with confidence.

Firewood is the perfect fuel for heating your home, especially given today’s economic and environmental challenges. Today’s new technologies have made it even easier.


Buying directly from us, the producer, can save you a lot of money.

Whatever method you use, firewood is the greenest of fuels, which also makes economic sense. Get in touch today to see how much you can save.

Serving Wicklow, Dublin and surrounding areas!!

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Our firewood is seasoned and sold by volume instead of weight, as this system is more accurate. Loose volume of firewood can be measured easily and allows consistent loads for the customer. We can supply either softwood logs or hardwood logs depending on your preference.

Full Loads

hardwood logs
We can deliver seasoned firewood in bulk loads which can be tipped up in your driveway. The most common size is the pick-up load which measures approximately 2.5 cubic metres. These loads are equal to approximately 100 of the small plastic bags that can be found at most garages. Buying this way reduces the price you pay by 50-60%!!


Half Loads / Split Loads

softwood logs
We can also deliver half loads / split loads so you and a neighbour can take half a load each. This way, you can still make a saving even if you don’t have a lot of space!



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Firewood Facts

– The Hardwood or Softwood Question!

In Ireland, there is always a bit of a discussion about whether to use either softwood or hardwood. But the main issue could be whether your firewood is seasoned or not – as the difference in burn time is cancelled out by the price difference.

If your fireplace or stove is connected to your heating system, then hardwood could be worth the premium.

If your fireplace or stove isn’t connected to the heating system, then softwood could be what you prefer for a quicker heat.

hardwood or softwood logs

Firewood Sources and Supplies

The firewood is sourced in many different ways.

Hardwood comes mainly from tree surgery and from forestry operations. Softwood comes from managed forestry, tree surgery and also from rejected timber from the sawmill industry.

Because of our planting history, most of the forests – both state and private – have been predominantly planted with softwood for commercial production.

We Buy Timber

We buy timber from Landscapers and Tree Surgeons who have no need for it or prefer not to go down the root of advertising to sell it.

The way it works is – we buy rings of 7-8 inches in length. So if you have taken down some timber, just cut it to that length and you have a customer!

Do You Have Timber To Sell?

Depending on the species and quantity, we can come to some arrangement on price that we’re sure will suit both of us.

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